A complete renovation of this Roland Park house Another example of the quality work we do a Ram construction

finished and it is GORGEOUS!

Ram and has been working on a total remodel and rehab on a property in Annapolis.

The address is 60 Hull Avenue, Annapolis MD 21403

We have attached photos for you to look it. If your interested in this property, we invite you to speak directly to:

GARY SCHNEIDER from Long and Foster.


Why RAM uses James Hardie Siding over Vinyls and Wood.

There are many reasons to choose James Hardie siding over vinyl, the first of which is appearance. James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl, allowing for deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-grain effect. The result is more elegant than vinyl (which is plastic), particularly on a historic home.

Then comes function. Vinyl melts easily in a fire (or even from the reflection of the sun off Low-E glass windows); James Hardie products are noncombustible. Vinyl may crack and warp from the elements; James Hardie products are more durable and resist warping, sagging and melting

James Hardie siding is not only less expensive than wood, it won’t be eaten by animals or insects. It also resists water absorption better than wood even where the manufacturer’s recommended protections are followed, helping protect against mold.

When there’s a fire, James Hardie siding is much better at withstanding damage, while wood goes up in flames

James Hardie siding and trim products provide more protection than wood from wet and freezing conditions as well as hot, humid weather.

Wood may split, crack and deteriorate over time, while James Hardie siding resists weather damage and keeps its shape for a much longer time, which means less maintenance to worry about year after year.

James Hardie fiber cement is specifically formulated to better resist damage from the very predators—moisture, freezing temperature, humidity, pests and fire—that pose threats to wood-based products.
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RAM Construction's New Office New Accents- Home Remodeling Annapolis

RAM is very excited about our brand new office and location. We are currently working on the interior. Here is a quick look at a couple of the accents...

Ram Constructions nEw Entrance way. Double Door branding.

Ram Construction's  new Entrance way Wall. 8 foot by 7 foot. You are welcomed with Our Brand.

Ram Construction's Main office area with a 6 foot Acrylic offset featuring our Brand.

Ram Construction with a New James Hardie shake make over

At Ram construction, we seize the opportunity when we get to turn good into great! A waterfront dream home located in Annapolis. New windows, new siding, new trim, RAM transformed this home into a treasure. RAM only uses the very best materials. This Annapolis home not only had new siding, we installed new windows and trim which perfectly accented the structure and environment.  James Hardie shakes offers the very best in traditional charm combined with weather resistant security. Every piece has a raised wood texture that mimics traditional texture but provides a lifetime of protection. There are so many options and choices available. We invite you to view this case study and call us to discuss the possibilities. Ram will make your dream home a reality.

RAM CONSTRUCTION @Ramannapolis.com showcase a new Privacy Fence with custom corrugated metal and cedar posts.

Ram Construction is proud to feature a wonderful and unique project with creating a fence for privacy and to increase curb appeal. The Challenge is unique in that the materials and design are custom built, this fence project is one of a kind.

We first had to consider the hurdle of the land layout. The change in elevation on the landscape created. The decision to move forward with a segmented joining of fence that would change to adjust to the drop and raising of the land. Each segment had to be custom and joined as one visual unit.

One of the trickiest installations is when you have a change in elevation. If you have to step the fence, set one section at one height and keep moving up as you go along. If you're going uphill or downhill, you'll need to account for this and do it in full increments or half-feet.

NEXT, all the proper permits were acquired. Designing the concept, considering use of material. We chose to go with a sharp contrast of metal contrasted by the natural beauty of wood. Accents with Metal hinges, door stops and holders were spread throughout the design.

Did you know, If you have a pressure-treated gate, which can be very heavy (and when it rains, the wood absorbs water and gets even heavier), you must set the posts much deeper and with more cement around them. In short: make sure the hinges are properly sized to hold enough weight.

We also considered both sides of the fence. It's important to realize that the nice side of the fence needs to face the neighbors, and the integrity side, with the wood rails and everything else, is going to face the inside. If the nice side faces your house, there could be hard feelings.

Some fences are for keeping things in or out, and some are for privacy. Fences are also great for decorating your front and back yard to accent your home and to indicate property lines. With so many different types of fences out there, you just to need to know your needs and your taste and build one that will last you and your family a long time. Ram Specifically chose to use Cedar for its wood accent and structure material. Custom corrugated metal would fill the visual space and add to the over all unique appeal.

Ram is so proud of this unique fencing solution. Every job is different for us, each offers its own set of challenges and rewards. If you are looking for a fence or a barrier for privacy or property improvement, CALL US, We will be more than happy to share the potential for great design and craftsmanship.

We invite you to browse our showcase of this project.


RAM ANNAPOLIS take so much pride in a job well done! We just finished up an incredible project in Stevensville, Maryland! Total Make over from top to bottom, inside and out!

New Siding, New windows, New interior ceilings that include skylights for incredible lighting! A beautiful but function Kitchen make over as well as a Bath Room Upgrade! Please note the Tile work! Every room was finished with a fresh coat of paint! We can do it all!

Do you have an idea or a direction that you have wanted to do to your home? Call RAM, We are  positive we can make it a reality for you!

Quality inside and out, Every detail matters to us!

Start thinking about Fall & Winter with your home

RAM is here to help! Have any questions or concerns about your home and any possible problems that can be Stopped before they start? Give us a call!

Get your mind in the gutters. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
Button up your overcoat. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulk.
Get on top of roof problems. Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, or leaky vents.
Walks the walks (and drives). Take steps to repair damaged sidewalks, driveways, and steps.
Chill out. Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.
Freshen your filter. Clean or replace dirty furnace filters.
Give your furnace a physical. Have a professional inspect your heating system.
Gather round the hearth. Check fireplaces for soot or creosote build-up. Better yet, schedule a visit from a reputable chimney sweep.
Keep the humidifier humming. Clean the plates or pads to ensure efficient operation.
Head-off gas problems. If you have a gas-fired room heater, have it inspected by a pro. Also, perform any routine maintenance recommended by the maker.
Keep the wood fires burning brightly. Wood stoves are making a comeback. To avoid a deadly situation, be sure to inspect yours before firing it up.
Keep your family safe at home. A home safety check should be an annual ritual in every household. Test smoke and CO monitors, inspect (or install) fire extinguishers, review fire escape plans, and rid your home of old newspapers and other fire hazards.

Using Wolf Decking Material at RAM Construction

Durable materials for every climate, budget and design. Wolf Decking offers all the advantages of premium performance without the premium price. 

Wolf Decking offers all the advantages of premium performance without the premium price.  Now, with four distinctive collections to choose from, you can enjoy a more attractive low-maintenance deck year after year.

Formulated to closely resemble real wood decking, there are slight differences in color and grain pattern from board to board, giving your deck the look of nature with the strength of man-made materials.